Jun 18,2020

Why Warszawa is called Warszawa

This is a story about Mr Warszawski

Once upon a time there lived a man named Mr Warszawski. He lived somewhere in the Eastern part of South-West Asia and always wondered where his surname came from.

So, he decided to google his surname. But then he realized there is no google yet because the story happened a long time ago.

Then he decided to go to Glu Pi – The wisest man in the Eastern part of South-West Asia and ask for his interpretation of the surname.

So he came to Glu Pi.

And Glu Pi told him: “Hello, young fellow. I can feel that you came to ask me about the meaning of your surname”

Mr Warszawski was totally shocked by the wisdom of Glu Pi.

“Yes, master!” – said Mr Warszawski.

“Well, young fellow, I have to tell you something really important. Your surname came from the ancient Asian phrase – War Szaw Ski, which means “find the green chicken”

So Mr Warszawski started to look for the green chicken. Three years passed and he still couldn’t find it.

But he did not lose hope and he looked for the green chicken for another 3 years.

And then another 3 years.

And then eventually he found it in a dark palace of the Lord of Colorful Chicken, fought with a green dragon to get it and bravely brought it back to the Glu Pi.

“Hello, Master! – Said Mr Warszawski. – I have brought you the green chicken as the prophecy of my surname said”.

“Yeah, about that…” – Said Glu Pi. – “See… I made a mistake – your surname doesn’t actually mean “find the green chicken”, I used the wrong dictionary. Good job though! And fighting the dragon was cool, way to go!”

Mr Warszawski became sad.

He was sad for 3 days.

But then Glu Pi found him in his house and said: “Don’t worry, Mr Warszawski, I know where your surname actually comes from.”

“Really? This is amazing!” – Mr Warszawski couldn’t believe it was actually true.

“So, young fellow (Mr Warszawski was not so young any more though since 9 years had already passed). You should go to Poland, which is in Europe, which is on the left side if you look at the mountain Pien Kna from the town. And there, in Poland, there is a city called Warszawa, which is your city where you should live.”

So Mr Warszawski started his journey, he came to the Pien Kna mountain, turned left and went to Europe. Then, in Europe, he asked people where Poland is and they told him in exchange for the green chicken (see, it was useful after all). Then he came to Poland and asked Polish people where Warszawa was, but they told him: “There is no Warsawa here”. Mr Warszawski became very sad and angry with Glu Pi. He thought for 3 years and decided to build this city on his own. Polish people thought it’s a cool idea and joined him.

And this is a true story of how Warszawa was built.

Old wise people say that the famous green chicken still walks around somewhere in Europe but no one saw it since the time of Mr Warszawski.

Oh, and Polish people thought that ski ending in a surname sounds pretty cool so they started to use it just for fun.

The end.




image source: https://pixabay.com/pl/