Oct 10,2020

What your baby’s name says about you

Tell me your baby’s name and I will tell you who you are.

When you are choosing the name for your child, various factors can come into play: your social background, religious beliefs, life experiences and even TV shows you watch (560 babies were named Khaleesi in 2018 – all thanks to Game of Thrones popularity).


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But, to be honest, it probably wouldn’t work perfectly anyways – after all, new baby names are appearing every single day. In May 2020 Elon Mask happily announced his newborn’s name – X Æ A-12 . And it’s quite hard to tell what his motivation was for this unusual name choice.

So, to figure out what could influence parents’ decision to choose a certain name, let’s take a look at some findings from Laura Wattenberg’s book “Baby Name Wizard”.



1. Your child has a traditional name

In Poland, these were the most popular baby names for boys and girls in 2019


1 Zuzanna 1 Antoni
2 Julia 2 Jan
3 Zofia 3 Jakub
4 Maja 4 Aleksander
5 Hanna 5 Szymon
6 Lena 6 Franciszek
7 Alicja 7 Filip
8 Maria 8 Mikołaj
9 Oliwia 9 Wojciech
10 Amelia 10 Adam


As it can be easily seen, traditional names like Wojciech and Maria are quite popular among Polish parents. According to “Baby name Wizard”, if you choose a traditional name for your baby, you are likely to be conservative and might also worry about fitting in. But don’t take it as a bad thing – research by Savage and Wells shows that people with common traditional names tend to have better chances of succeeding in life, so it’s good news for your kid! For example, when reviewing job applications, HR managers tend to favor candidates with familiar and traditional names.


2. Your child has a very unusual name

If you are also considering naming your baby X Æ A-12 like Elon Mask, chances are you like to stand out. “There is a revolution going on when it comes to baby names, and for some parents, the more unusual, the better”, says Laura Wattenberg. Along with a broader social shift toward individualism, people are also embracing their creativity when it comes to baby naming. Nothing wrong with that – maybe someday Candelaria will become just as common as Anna. Name choice is an ever-changing trend and it has never been as diverse as it is today.


3. Your child has a family name

It’s quite simple here – if you are naming your baby after a relative, you are likely to be sentimental. Names have been passed down for generations, and this trend keeps on happening in many countries. It’s also worthy to mention people that are named after the father – like Robert Downey Jr. While it was a norm in the past, nowadays naming the kid after yourself can be judged by society as narcissism.


4. Your child has a unisex name

Some sociologists claim that parents who choose a unisex name for their kid, want to give their child a powerful future. This kind of parents are career-oriented and assertive. Another reason could be a very new trend for gender-neutral parenting. While it is not really popular in Poland, some American parents prefer to give their kid a unisex name in order to embrace gender fluidity.


Just some decades ago, choosing a name for the child was a lot less complicated. In Japan, for example, people used to name their kids by numbers: first, second (Ichiro, Jiro…). Jean Twenge, author of “The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement” says: “Naming a kid used to be an easier decision. Now you have to strike a balance in finding a name that isn’t too popular and isn’t too weird”.

All in all, baby-naming is not a science, but rather a creative process which is unique to each family. To come up with the right name, you can pull inspiration from everywhere – personal life experience, name day calendar or world’s most popular names rating. By the way, what motivated you to choose your child’s name?




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Image source: Pixabay