Jan 28,2020

Tips for Discovering Children’s Hidden Talents (+ Fun Hidden Talents Test at the end)

Are you having sleepless nights over deciding whether your 4-month baby should become a rock star or an ice hockey player? Then this article is definitely for you. (Also please get some sleep – otherwise you might get too tired and could forget to sign up your kid to this year’s baby beauty pageant. And nobody wants to miss this year’s baby beauty pageant.)


Discovering true talents of kids (and adults as well) is no easy task, so we hope that our lovely tips will help you out in this exciting yet challenging journey that requires strong mind, impeccable vision and brilliant intuition.

1 Obseeeeeerve

Even though talents are often described as secret or hidden, a lot of times they are not secret at all. The first thing that you need to do before signing up your child to all kind of extracurricular activities – is to really pay attention to your kid. If you look closely enough you might notice things you’ve never seen before – maybe your kid loves robots a lot, maybe he enjoys spending time in the nature, maybe he loves running – little clues like that could go a long way in discovering children’s passions.

Also, don’t forget to ask yourself all kinds of questions: Does my child enjoy spending time alone or does he prefer doing group tasks? Is he really into drawing or is it just a parent’s ambition? Is he more of a visual or an auditory learner? The more you get to know your child, the more chances you have to really understand his or her interests and abilities.

2. Ask ask ask

Ask questions and have discussions with the kids. Instead of teaching children what kind of things they should be doing in their free time, it’s good to first get their perspective. Tell the children what activities are out there and then let the kids choose for themselves.

A lot of children will not have one clear passion that they will follow for the rest of their life – and that’s okay. Young age is perfect for trying out new things, switching activities and discovering potential talents. Learning to be diligent is important, but that does not mean that a kid needs to become a professional ping pong player if he enjoyed a few matches with a grandad back in the day.

3. Support

Even if you dreamed that your daughter will become a youtuber, but she decided that she is interested in science – your job as a parent is to support her in her passion and be her guide.

Encouraging your kids to do various activities (taking them to museums, exhibitions, movies and even a playground) is an integral part of being children’s guide in this interesting world.

4. Personality tests

Basically, we could leave it at those first 3 very clear and very nice tips but I just couldn’t resist to add this one. There are tons of different types of tests available online – ones that could help to understand whether your child is an introvert or an extrovert, IQ tests (for kids over 6 years old), dominant side of brain tests and many more.

Nobody really knows how reliable these tests are, but they could be a nice way to spend the evening as an alternative to watching Netflix. If you find yourself enjoying doing personality tests with your kid, you might also try to find out which talents your kids might have based on their zodiac sign.

Especially for the type of parents who enjoy various tests, we have created a cool hidden talents test ourselves.

Disclaimer: we cannot guarantee that this test is 100% accurate so please use it for the leisure purposes only. Thanks.


There are 4 circles. Please let your kid choose the one he likes more.



Here are the results of the test:

If your kid chose number 1: Your kid has talent in sports. Possible talents: gymnastics, basketball and soccer. Could be dancing too. Or tennis.

If your kid chose number 2: Your kid has artistic talents. Visit to an art gallery this weekend is a must!

If your kid chose number 3: Your kid has talent in sciences and engineering. Why not take a robotics class? (by the way, you can find out more about robotics on our main page).

If your kid chose number 4: Your kid might be hungry and giving him an orange could be a good idea. He could also be future chef. Ever watched Ratatouille? Now could be a good time.


All in all, as we discussed at the very beginning, finding true talents is a thrilling journey which never goes quite the same way, but we hope that this article could serve you as a road map in this exciting adventure!




Photo source: https://pixabay.com/pl/, author IIona Virgin