Nelson Mandela, president of the Republic of South Africa and an activist fighting for racial equality said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” We also believe in it strongly. This is why we have established The Władysław Śmiałek Educational Foundation. The main goal of the foundation is to support schools situated in rural areas and towns where access to extracurricular activities related to culture, art and science is limited.

It is very common that parents would love their children to take part in such activities however, it is often not possible due to lack of time or means to bring the children to the place where such events are hosted. Parents dream about better future for their children. We desire to make those dreams come true.

An old proverb says: “If the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.” This is why we take matters into our own hands and “bring” artistic activities to schools. We are going to organize art, dance, drama workshops, foreign language classes, discussions, meetings with travelers and other curious people who may become an inspiration or a role model for children. Activities will be full of fun and humor while at the same time will ensure substantial educational values. We also welcome parents’, teachers’, and children’s ideas. It is you who will let us know what workshops or activities you dream to take part in, we will do our best to organize them.

Our team:

Izabela Zientara – CEO

Marcin Zientara – member of the board


Max Czaplicki – blogger, TikTok master

Ewa Gizińska – blogger

Ala Jodczyk – blogger

Marcin Lenkowski – illustrator

Konrad Maciaszek – translator

Ewa Pudzianowska – blogger

Lada Rutkovskaya – blogger

Małgosia Sasim – blogger, Facebook master

We have begun our mission/activities in January of 2018. Should you wish to follow the Śmiałek Foundation’s projects visit our website at: or our latest Facebook fan page (the link, a Facebook icon is located at the bottom of this webpage). Should you be interested in our statute which constitutes foundation of our activities, click here.

Use this link to see our financial report of 2018.

Click here to see our financial report of 2019.