• 2018-05-30
  • 09:40

On May 31, 2018 Madzia Dąbrowska (our crazy Ewa Chodakowska [famous Polish fitness instructor]:)) has hosted a Pilates-inspired class for the young. Children learned that physical and psychical balance is necessary in daily life. It is virtually impossible to walk, ride a bicycle or play football without it, but also facing life problems seems to be difficult. Body balance influences both psychical tranquility as well as intellectual development of the child during learning process. Alternating movements of hands, legs, knees and elbows, palms and feet facilitate neuronal flow between the two cerebral hemispheres and increase concentration. Year by year the latter causes schoolchildren more difficulties (and as a result it causes so their teachers as well). Children – currently living immersed in radio, television waves and wi-fi, growing up in the world of the Internet, computer games, and multimedia toys – tend to have problems with focusing on texts they read, questions asked by their teacher or yet on an easy logical problems. Thus, the ability to concentrate increasingly becomes a bigger challenge which often turns out to be a difficult goal to achieve – both for the young and the old alike.

A curriculum is trying to catch up with technological development by increasing educational requirements for children, which in turn leads to frustration and hysteria among the young and their parents. While children become nervous, unable to focus on given tasks where homework exceed their physical capabilities, still they have to conform to growing demands. Nonetheless, these criteria can be faced. Peace of mind and ability to focus are the key to success.

During Learning balance and concentration via exercises class preschool children and primary schoolchildren (first, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh graders) in Hołubia had an opportunity to learn various techniques enhancing balance and increasing ability to concentrate. Postures based on stabilization of the body, activation of cerebral hemispheres by rising and crossing opposite limbs transpired to be a challenge both for juniors and more senior primary school students. A set of exercises improving concentration (positions requiring balance by using different body parts such as: legs, lumbar spine, hands; positions with heel pressed against the floor inducing visual and audio concentration), calming and relaxing exercises (a cooling down breathing, warming up breathing, alternating nose breathing, headstands) have engendered lots of emotions and given a rise to equally many conclusions such as: it is necessary to work on balance and concentration (whether you need it for standing on your feet, hands or head).