• 2019-05-27
  • 10:00

Do you like storks? We also do. Do you know that activities human is engaged in are harmful to white storks and this is why it is necessary to call for protection of this species? You didn’t know it? This is where the idea for this project came from. Grupa Ekologiczna from Siedlce is scheduled to run fantastic workshops between May 27th to 31st for Hołubla kindergarten children,  Hołubla Primary School first and second graders and their parents and grandparents. The workshops will consist of a theoretic and a practical part, both full of knowledge, attractions, fun and laughter. The main goal of the workshops is to get children acquainted with Mr. Stork. Who is he? What is he characterized by? How can we take care of him? Mr. Ireneusz Kaługa, a lecturer, is going to talk about an organization he works for which has been monitoring the population of white storks in Poland. The workshops will take place in the morning hours in the village area and on the premises of Primary School in Hołubla. The project is financed from appropriations of the the Santander Foundation [Fundacja Santander].

The workshops agenda:

May 27th – a theoretical workshop. Who is Mr. Stork? A handful of information and “Reksio i bocian” movie screening.

May 28th – a practical workshop. What does stork do in the nest? An observation of a stork’s nest, mimicking of storks, taking off nests.

May 29th –  a theoretical workshop. What is Mr. Stork’s diet? Feeding grounds and protection of them. A Power Point show.

May 30th – a practical workshop. How to take care of Mr. Stork? Cleaning up of the bird’s feeding grounds.

May 31st – The Stork Day. Refreshments.

Parents are grandparents of the children taking part in the project are also invited. We want you to integrate and spend time together. The Ekologiczna Grupa will lead annual Great Young Storks Ringing [Wielkie Obrączkowanie Młodych Boćków] at the end of June. All residents of Paprotnia will be greeted. Let’s welcome together new residents of our neighborhood!