Hi! Are you coming with us to the Planet of Robots? Don’t be shy! There’s a lot in store for you!

Thanks to the wonderful donation made by the PGE Foundation, our Foundation has bought five super-fast computer sets and a beautiful laptop for the school in Hołubla. The equipment will be used by children and teachers for many years. We would like to express our deep gratitude for this lovely gesture in our virtual paper (meaning – here). Thank you so much, PGE Foundation!

Thanks to the grant received from the PGE Foundation, the Creativity Planet (Planeta Kreatywności) was also able to conduct robotics workshops for the kids in Primary School in Hołubla on the 24th, 25th and 26th of September 2019. Workshops for older children were conducted on the 25th of November.

What is the Creativity Planet and what did the workshops look like? Here’s a detailed description:

“Creativity Planet was created in June of 2018. Our motto is “no boredom, all fun”. We conduct the classes in our lab in Siedlce, in schools and cultural centers. We offer classes for children, starting at the age of 4. The workshops don’t only involve the subjects of robotics and programming.

During the robotics and programming classes, the children learn:

– to solve problems independently,

– to use their spacial imagination,

– to use their creative skills,

– to think logically,

– how to program,

– to use the cause and effect thinking,

– to cooperate.

Each class is divided into introduction, robots building, programming and the mission.

Every year, the Warsaw University of Technology organizes the Robots Sumo Contest where the best of our robotics students can compete with young programmers of Your Robot from all around the world. Hundreds of children excitingly create robots there to then make them fight.

While working with younger children we use the Lego Boost bricks. We’ve been building a rover and a car spaceship during the classes in the Primary School in Hołubla. The children learned the basics of robot programming and the way engines work. Their task was to adjust the speed and the robot’s travel time so that it could go from Earth to Mars on its own, while also picking up cargo.

An older group was working with the Lego EV3 sets. During the classes, we’ve been building a donkey that was supposed to beat an obstacle course. The children learned the structure of a robot and the way it works. An infrared sensor was used in the building process. Together, we decided what the robot was supposed to do at the right moment, and what engine values would be best so that the mission could be successful.”

What do you say? Robotics rocks, doesn’t it? 😉