Journey to the Planet of Robots for 303 elementary school students!

Journey to the Planet of Robots for 303 elementary school students!

On the 25th of October, 2019 we’ve received an email with great news! The PZU Foundation* granted us the funds to conduct the “Journey to the Planet of Robots” project! Thanks to that astronomical donation we’ll be able to run interplanetary workshops for 303 students of four primary schools: in Hołubla, Paprotnia, Przesmyki and Krześlin (in the Siedlce district). Thereby, provide kids with new competencies, such as problem-solving and teamwork skills, analytic thinking, and cosmically develop their creativity, imagination and manual skills. Robotics is a popular trend in education, as well as an unearthly interesting subject. It’s an interdisciplinary field that connects traditional branches of technical studies. The scope of its usage is currently quite wide – it occurs in many areas of our lives: industry, transport, medicine, architecture, household and ocean and space exploration. The main goal of automating specific areas is to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing the costs of production. Many tasks in which speed, durability and precision are essential, are performed better when done by a machine rather than a person!


Our 1st–7th grade students will participate in one-off classes, where they will take their first steps in interacting with friendly robots.

Teenagers from the 8th grade will have plenty of time to befriend our intelligent machines. Twenty hours of workshops will allow them to discover the secrets of robotics. The classes for the eighth-graders will be concluded by a race of the machines they build.

The schools will also ensure consultations with the project executor – the Little Engineer from Siedlce. We invite children to play around with the robots! Out of this world experience guaranteed! ☺ ☺ ☺ Thank you so much, PZU Foundation!



*you can read more about the PZU Foundation on