• 2018-02-13
  • 09:15 - 10:00

On February 13th at 9:15 a.m. we have welcomed Ms. Beata Radzikowska, a talented interior designer, visionary and expert in various forms of artistic expression. This is how we have commenced a series of art workshops dedicated to each class individually. The fifth graders were to work with cold porcelain.

For outsiders:

Cold porcelain is known since the 18th century, it hasn’t become so popular in Poland yet as it has been in Portugal, Great Britain or Mexico. Lulu Mendoza is considered to be one of the best artist in the field.

Advantages of cold porcelain:

  • delicate, soft, silk-like in touch, durable. It is possible to make it at home, it doesn’t need to be fired and dried out in a kiln as it dries out on air. It may be dyed before drying or painted after being dried.

Brittleness is the only drawback of this technique. Created figurines shall not be exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Ms. Beata’s secret recipe:

  • potato starch
  • carpenter’s glue (same amount as the potato starch)
  • baby oil (2 table spoons at least)
  • lemon squeeze (a few drops)
  • colors or glitter

All the above ingredients shall be mixed. Ready-made figurines should be left to dry on a piece of paper for approximately 12 hours.

When we take a look on a dough, after having it rolled out thinly and having it completely dried, and place it against the source of light, we will notice how rays of light beautifully penetrate it.

The dough may be stamped by using leaves, small branches which will in turn make the final effect more appealing.

The fifth graders managed with new technique very well. An interesting things is… that the major motif of created figurines was related to upcoming Valentine’s Day 🙂 Oh, love is in the air!