Jun 02,2020

Cactus is learning to brush his teeth


Hey! I am cactus! And I am eating delicious ice cream.

Yum! It’s so tasty! Oh! I start to feel a little sleepy.

I guess I’ll jump right into the bed. Sleeping feels so nice…

Oh no! What is this creepy thing? Am I having a nightmare?

I think I will just push it and go back to sleep.

Phew! Now I can sleep well.

Oh no! What does this brush want from me again? I am so sleepy.

Okay, since it is a brush, I guess I will brush something. I think I will brush my armpit because it feels a little itchy.

The brush doesn’t look very happy! He is taking me somewhere.

I guess we are going to brush my teeth

Oh no! My teeth don’t look very beautiful. I feel ashamed.

Look! Toothbrush is helping me fix my teeth!

Wow! It looks very good!

I am so handsome!!!

We brushed my teeth really well! And it was much easier than I thought.

And now it’s finally time to sleep! Goodnight everyone!