Broken household items? No problem!

What I’m about to write is a true story. It happened to me personally. It all started with a broken

Do you know about nurdles? No? I’m not surprised.

Despite being known around the world for 30 years, there isn’t much genuine research about them that would be written


Are you once again facing the question of what to get your kids for Christmas and you’re just out of

Recycling & upcycling

‘Recycling is righteous and upcycling is modern and righteous’[1]. That was the thesis made almost 20 years ago by Wiliam

Water on Earth. The demand and the deficiency

‘Water is not a commercial product, similar to any other, but rather a hereditary good that needs to be secured,


Trash segregation, water conservation, minimising the exhaust emissions – those are the steps we mention most often when we talk

What are the trees whispering about… A couple of facts about forests.

Youth action for the environment project, conducted by the Active Citizens Fund – National and financed by the EEA, is

Organic food – a scoop of information

In the last few years, organic food has become more popular. It comes from natural crops and farming. It’s produced


We’re really pleased with the fact that today’s parenting is more and more aware. One of the main features that

Eco fashion

Can fashion be ethical in times of growing consumerism? Yes! Not only that: a well-balanced fashion becomes trendy! In this

Plastic society

Disposable cups, straws, plastic bags for fruits and vegetables available at every store, toothbrush packaging, breakfast bags, plastic wraps, bottled

The world of senses: sensory stimulation and its disorders

Each of us gains knowledge through the senses. The first bits of information already reach us in our mother’s womb

Time to escape to Mars?

Artwork by Marcin Lenkowski, follow on instagram @teironius or on website   Life on our planet is diminishing at a shocking

5 Educational gift ideas for this Christmas

With the holidays coming up, it’s time to think about presents. And while sweets are always a great option, it

How to increase your and your child’s immunity using natural methods?

My son/daughter is always ill. They spend more time at home than at kindergarten – I think they might have

5 Polish startups that are changing EdTech industry

Our team at Fundacja Smialka is always on the lookout for the new trends in educational field. After all, innovation

Constructive praise – when and how to praise children?

Praise and compliments are quite obvious to us. We all know that everyone likes to be praised. When it comes

What your baby’s name says about you

Tell me your baby’s name and I will tell you who you are. When you are choosing the name for

Safe sunbathing – how to protect your skin with sunscreen creams

Although summer is slowly ending, and we think more about coming back to school than about basking in the sun,

Lyme borreliosis and tick – born encephalitis – a few words about ticks

Ticks are a common problem during summer holiday, especially while being near forests and meadows. You can even catch them

Why is life with a dog better?

If your life is idle and empty, if it lacks excitement and colors – adopt a dog! I assure you

Why Warszawa is called Warszawa

This is a story about Mr Warszawski Once upon a time there lived a man named Mr Warszawski. He lived

How to encourage children to be more independent?

Most books related to the subject of raising children tell us that one of the most important parenting goals is

Cactus is learning to brush his teeth

  Hey! I am cactus! And I am eating delicious ice cream. Yum! It’s so tasty! Oh! I start to

RIE parenting – show your babies some respect

Today we are going to take a look at yet another somewhat controversial parenting method – RIE (which stands for

Cactus is learning to swim – cute story for the kids

Hello! I am Cactus. Today I will learn how to swim. It’s very easy – just please follow me. First,

Leave Your Child to Cry – The Ferber Method

I am not a parent myself and just as many other people who don’t have children, I have a strong

Children of Facebook, YouTube and Instagram – about influencers and their effect on our little ones

Present-day twenty-year-olds are often called Post-Millenials, generation Z or the Internet generation. It’s due to the fact that for those

Virus protection: lessons from Japan

Amid coronavirus outbreak I am feeling pretty bored sitting alone in my room (as probably some of you feel as

Free-Range Parenting: Is it Child Neglect or a Recipe to success?

Without unnecessarily long introductions, let’s dive right into the concept of free-range parenting, get to the bottom of it and

Polish teenagers are acing educational ranks

Wherever we go we are constantly under a massive influence of negative news like catastrophes and disasters, rarely ever do

Sport as an educational method

It is commonly believed that physical activity is one of the more important aspects influencing our health. Because of that,

Why we should still encourage kids to read books in 2020

We know what some of you might think – this article will be all about that “phone bad, book good”

Why is it worth to take your children to see Little Women? Film review

In 1868 Louisa May Alcott published a book that instantaneously conquered the hearts of American readers. After 150 years, Alcott’s

Educational board games for children

The children products market is filled with different kinds of toys and games. Every time we need to pick a

Inequalities in Polish school

Since we are little children, we are told how crucial individual effort is and how it enhances our future life.

Tips for Discovering Children’s Hidden Talents (+ Fun Hidden Talents Test at the end)

Are you having sleepless nights over deciding whether your 4-month baby should become a rock star or an ice hockey

Teaching Money Management to Kids: The Great Allowance Debate

“If you don’t teach your kids how to manage money, somebody else will. And that’s not a risk you want

3 Fun Activities to Teach Children about Environmental Protection

After Greta Thunberg started School strike for climate, people could see that indeed no one is too small to make

Study and Play Balance for Kids: Why is Playing so Important?

We are all aware about the significance of work-life balance for adults, but what about kids and their study-play balance?