Events schedule

March 2021

The 6th-graders are going to meet our project coordinators. Yaaas! The big moment – we’ll get to meet you soon ☺ Emilka (stationary coordinator) and I (Iza – remote coordinator) are going to present the project schedule to you. We’ll explain all the details and answer your questions. Each of you will pick a role in the project – you can be a leader, a leader’s right hand, a TikTok master, a press secretary, a photographer, a director and a screenwriter of a short film, etc. Dear youth, due to such a dose of responsibility, you might feel burdened, but you’ll also find joy in your tasks! We promise that everyone will find something for themselves☺ We want you to make most of the opportunity this project presents you with. It is you who will be the main catalyst of all actions!

UPDATE: The meetings took place between the 5th and the 18th of March. In total, 82 sixth-graders from primary schools in Przesmyki, Paprotnia, Hołubla, Krześlin, Suchożebry, and Pruszyn participated in our conference. Each meeting was 40 minutes long. We have created Messenger groups to stay in touch. Our brave Youth has chosen their tasks – each student already knows what their role will be until the end of the project.

March–May 2021

Jan Piosik and his Poznań Debate League team have just appeared on the horizon. They’re the ones who will conduct six six-hour workshops for students and an eight-hour training for twelve teachers. The participants will be exploring the secrets of an Oxford-style debate. After the training, they’ll be able to have a debate in a classroom and settle the issue of dropping garbage off in forests. Is it worth doing? What are the pros and cons? The dispute will be consequential, so we expect insightful arguments and interesting conclusions.

UPDATE: The training took place between the 9th and the 27th of April. In total, 84 students and 12 teachers participated in the workshops. The meetings for children were 8 class periods long, for teachers – 6.  The children learnt what an Oxford-style Debate is, and what its features and structure are. Next, our Youth participated in their very first debate where the proposition and the opposition sides had a discussion on a given topic. The teachers had their debut in an Oxford-style Debate as well. Their conclusions were insightful, and oftentimes – humorous. When the classes were finished, the teachers took an evaluation survey. The training was conducted by Jan Piosik and Krzysztof Buła. Julia Walczyńska was responsible for all technical matters.

April–June 2021

Earth Day is right around the corner. We’re going to celebrate it by conducting six forest-cleaning actions. Our youth, together with their parents, teachers, municipality representatives and State Forests representatives will go to a local forest to clean it up. All classes will have compostable bags and biodegradable gloves at their disposal. Our actions will be conducted by the EkoLogic Group from Siedlce. It’ll be a chance to talk about the environment in a local community.

UPDATE: We are postponing the forest cleanup action until September, due to the pandemic-related restrictions. We can’t possibly imagine conducting it online. See you next school year!


This year, between the 17th and the 28th of September, we successfully organised another segment of the “Youth Action For The Environment” project, which is part of the Active Citizens National. Together with the teens from primary schools in Paprotnia, Hołubla, Pruszyn, Krześlin, Przesmyki, and Suchożebry, we visited nearby forests to clean them up. More often than not, we had our trash bags full even before entering the forests because we had also collected the rubbish from roadside ditches. The forests themselves were full of garbage as well, which shocked and terrified us. In total, we collected a few tons of it – over a dozen large trash bags at every location. It’s quite sad, given that each action was only 2 hours long… This highlights the urgent need for educating society and showing people what the right behaviour is. That is why we had invited representatives of the following organisations: Siedlce Ecologic Group (Siedlecka Grupa Ekologiczna), Siedlce Forest District (Nadleśnictwo Siedlce), and the Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management to participate in the action. In Paprotnia, a local parish priest decided to help as well, for which we are really grateful! Our efforts were also supported by the always reliable Dr Ireneusz Kaługa of the Siedlce Ecologic Group who shared valuable knowledge regarding ecology and ornithology with the kids. Special thanks go to the Siedlce Waste Disposal Unit for the unpaid collection of the rubbish we found and for equipping us with the strong bags we put said rubbish in. We also want to thank the representatives of the Siedlce Forest District and the schools’ principals for participating and – of course – thank the teens and their teachers. We hope that this little eco-friendly game will help improve the state of our forests and that schools will take more initiatives of this kind. But the most important thing here is to take out the trash in places that are designed for it and to shape the environmental awareness of our local community. Without it, every forest cleanup action, even the biggest one, can turn out to be only a drop in the sea of needs.

June–September 2021

And now for something special ☺ The main participants of our project are going to conduct educational classes for preschoolers and reception class students! Yes, it’s going to be a real banger! Each preschool group will receive a set of art supplies to create beautiful works depicting clean forests and meadows. Our youth will give the preschoolers the most important bits of information about why it’s worth taking care of the environment, and why it’s better to throw the trash in the dumpsters. We’re also going to talk about recycling and the mysterious term that is “upcycling”. Don’t you think that such classes will benefit everyone and tighten the bond between our lovely children and their older schoolmates?

September 2021–January 2022

And here are our pet projects:

Soft skills workshops for the youth.

“How to conduct an effective public service announcement?” – workshops for the youth:

UPDATE 🙂 On May 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, and 26, we conducted wonderful workshops titled “What is a public service announcement and how to check its effectiveness?” The training was led by the amazing Roksana Korczyk from the marketing agency. Each training was 2 class-periods-long and was split into theoretical and practical parts. What sparked the idea for such workshops? As you know, our brave participants of the “Youth Action for the Environment” project will be making short films, whose goal will be to motivate the local community to stop dropping off their rubbish in forests. It’s those films that will become the public service announcements, calling for a change in the attitude towards environmental issues. What did they talk about during the training? Well, Roksana explained to the Youth what a public service announcement was and gave specific examples of it. She pointed out the distinction between local and global PSAs. She noted that it’s worth it to change the world by acting in favour of the places near you. She also inspired our teenagers by saying that they have the power to affect the fate of Mother Earth. Then, she presented the tools used in PSAs, highlighting the division of those conducted online and offline. After a short but concise theory part, the groups were tasked with creating their own posters with slogans calling for the protection of nature. The students showed off their imagination and creativity. In the Gallery, you can see their fantastic ideas and tiny pieces of art. Thank you so much, Roksana, for the power of inspiration! All the best to the team!

“How to record good videos with a cell phone?” – music video workshops for the youth.

We’ve got great stuff lined up! The youth will gain skills that will allow them to find their way on the job market in the future. The ability to control stress or to speak publicly will prove useful in later stages of life as well. The interesting bits of information about an effective public service announcement might inspire them to explore the subject further. The icing on the cake and the trick up our sleeve is the music video workshops. In the age of TikTok and Instagram, it’s definitely a must for the younger generation. We’ll learn how to produce attractive, but still valuable, content 😀

Stay with us!

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