About the project

The Śmiałek Foundation has received a grant in the Active Citizens Fund – National programme to conduct the “Youth action for the environment” („Młodzieżowa akcja na rzecz środowiska”) project. The project will involve 6th-grade students from six primary schools. Said facilities are located in Przesmyki, Paprotnia, Suchożebry, Hołubla, Krześlin and Pruszyn. The main goal of the project is to motivate the local community to stop dropping garbage off in forests and to get the youth involved in the active protection of rural ecosystems.



What was the inspiration for an environmental project?

There’s no denying that there are mountains of garbage being dropped off in the forests. The citizens of nearby towns, who are responsible for that, are unaware of how dangerous such behaviour is. The toxins from the decaying trash poison the soil and underground waters, they are bad for plants, animals and the people themselves. We want to stop that process, so that forests and meadows can breathe again, will all of their green lungs.

How long will the “Youth action for the environment” project last for?

The project started on the 1st of February, 2021 and will last until the 30th of April, 2020, so 15 months in total.

Who will be participating in the project?

The main project beneficiaries will be the 6th-grade students (82 in total) from six towns located in the Siedlce district. Parents, teachers, municipality representatives, State Forests representatives, Provincial Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Economy representatives, priests from nearby parishes and local media will also be invited to participate in the project. The youth will conduct educational classes for preschool-age children. Short videos prepared by the youth – public service announcements calling for the protection of nature – will be aimed at all citizens of nearby villages.

Who will be conducting classes/training/workshops as part of the project?

Professionals, experts in their fields. Training in Oxford-style debates will be conducted by the Poznań Debate League, forest cleaning action – by the EkoLogic Group from Siedlce, music video workshops – by a specialist experienced in filming and editing, etc.

Where can I find information regarding the project once it starts?

On the Śmiałek Foundation’s Facebook page (Fundacja Edukacyjna im. Władysława Śmiałka), on our TikTok (@polish_school_is_cool), as well as on our website – fundacjasmialka.pl/aktywni-obywatele.

Who will benefit from the project?

Most importantly, our forests and meadows ☺ as well as the students who – thanks to the project – will gain new skills, and the entire local community because it will be able to enjoy long walks in a clean environment.