Dec 07,2020

5 Educational gift ideas for this Christmas

With the holidays coming up, it’s time to think about presents. And while sweets are always a great option, it might not be as good for self-development as the ideas we have prepared for you 😊 This year, how about giving your loved ones something that can be used for learning and growth? And, of course, don’t forget a Christmas card as well!

1) Courses/workshops

In the past years, “experiences” started to get all the hype, while “things” started to get out of fashion. Well, getting a SPA visit or a parachute jump is always great, but it would be also quite nice to learn something new. And remember – don’t just consider offline courses, a lot of online learning platforms are offering awesome gift courses as well.

Here are just some of the ideas to get started:

– Creative courses (Photography, watercolor art, graphic design, animation, macramé, fashion design, calligraphy, tattoo, woodworking, ceramics, embroidery, etc.)
– Food & drinks courses (Barista, bartender, cooking, wine degustation)
– Sports courses (Dance, yoga, meditation, self-defense, roller-skating, etc.)
– Business & Technology courses (Photoshop, basic programming, marketing, storytelling, finance management, etc.)
– Music courses (singing, playing an instrument)
– Language courses

Language courses

2) Books

Your already knew this one will be on the list, right? Well, let’s just agree that book is always a great present.

But let me offer you a little modern twist – audio book subscription! These days many people enjoy listening to books or podcasts, so it could be a nice option for them (and it’s also good to give eyes some rest)

3) Meaningful memberships

I have been dreaming to become a member of a cool art gallery or museum – this way I could come to every exhibition and eventually become a pro art critic (if any of my friends are reading this, this is a hint!) But besides museums, there are actually many other places that offer membership systems – for example – aquariums, zoos, poetry societies, etc. Pick the one you like.

4) Board games

While this is not a perfect present for everyone, board games can be super fun and educational at the same time. In fact, we have a great article on our blog listing all the best educational games for kids if you want to check it out.

I also love using board games for language learning. For example, games where you pick a card with a word and then describe this word in a foreign language – simple, but fun.

5) Science & brain training stuff

There are a lot of science kits for kids, but let’s not forget that adults can enjoy a little science here and there as well. Some ideas:

– Telescope, sky map
– IQ Puzzles (Metal and Wooden Brain Teasers)
– Programmable Smart Robots
– Puzzles
– Wooden model kits


Thanks for reading, hope you found the idea you needed. Always keep learning and have a very happy holidays! 😊




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