Jan 16,2020

3 Fun Activities to Teach Children about Environmental Protection

After Greta Thunberg started School strike for climate, people could see that indeed no one is too small to make a difference. Young people all around the world seem to be a lot more passionate about environmental protection than most adults. But being passionate about strikes is one thing and leading an environmentally friendly lifestyle is another. Luckily, there are fun ways to educate children that could help kids (and their parents) to take better care of the environment.

Before we begin to discuss the wonderful ways to engage kids in green living, there is one thing that needs to be mentioned and that is … (drum roll) …  being connected to nature. Unfortunately, nowadays we mostly interact with things that are man-made and therefore it is easy for us to forget about the importance and beauty of nature. Kids may learn about ecology at school, but they will be surely missing out if they don’t get a chance to discover the natural world for themselves. After all, experiencing Earth’s wonders first hand is very important in order to realize that nature is worth protecting and fighting for. So before lecturing and drilling all the theory, why not take the kids for a stroll in the forest or spend a relaxing family evening by the lake?

And on that happy note let’s check out some awesome activities that could be helpful in teaching children about environmental protection.

1. Recycle DIY crafts

From bird feeders to notepads – there are tons of things that can be created from recycled materials! The important thing here is to explain to the kids why using recycled materials is so important for our planet. The kids might end up creating a unique and beautiful piece that will have special value to them as they have created it themselves. But even if the recycled bracelet will not turn out as beautiful as Swarovski, one thing can be guaranteed – doing crafts together is lots of fun!

2. Scavenger Hut

Good old Scavenger Hut is always a great way to learn about environmental protection! The rules are very simple: all you need to do is a create a list of items that children need to find and set a time limit for this task. The items can vary depending on the location you choose – it can be different recyclable items kids need to find in the house or some natural items if the game takes place in a natural environment. Either way, the game is a great conversation starter when it comes to ecological education.

You may create additional rules to your Scavenger Hut depending on the number of players and how tired you are that day to put in extra creative effort. A map with a list of pointers from mysterious Forest Magician could make the game even more exciting for young nature-lovers!

3. Creating a garden

Not everyone has an opportunity to create a full-on garden with tomatoes, onions, carrots, radish and a small lemon tree but even a small balcony version of the garden could be very helpful when it comes to teaching kids about nature.  And a small bonus – having your own garden could also help in maintaining a healthier diet.

4. (just a small additional point)

It’s also good to remember that nowadays there are tons of exciting children’s books about environmental protection as well as fun interactive computer games that could be used to supplement environmental education.

And last but not least – let’s not forget about the importance of leading by example.  Nothing is more misleading than teaching the ways of protecting the planet to the kids and then doing the exact opposite in our own daily life. Children are a lot smarter than we think and they will for sure have no difficulty understanding when parents are being hypocritical. So let’s inspire kids by our own actions to protect this wonderful home that we got to have – planet Earth.